Marla Cromartie

Marla Cromartie by design fitness Raleigh Nc

Hey! My name is Marla Stroud Cromartie, I was Born in raised in Raleigh North Carolina. I have a degree in exercise science and I graduated from North Carolina Central University. I also attended Hampton University and Doctor physical therapy program for two years. I am a fitness specialist, personal trainer, and co-owner. My goal is to make Fitness a lifestyle change. I stress the importance of improving your nutrition to see optimal results. Also I like to focus on finding the root of the problem and get that nice & strong before we begin our transformation with your body. My philosophy is nutrition first, strength training second, cardio third to deliver the best results. My is focus on making your fitness routine consistent and sustainable. I’m here to keep you accountable every step of the way to living your best life!


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